Client and Angel Voices: Authentic Experiences Shared
Discover genuine testimonials from our clients and angels, showcasing extraordinary encounters and exceptional service. These stories reflect our unwavering commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. For discretion, angels’ names are replaced with xxx in the clients’ testimonials.

Wow! Thank you for being so kind! It’s truly been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for everything. 😊

Angel xxx an amazing, beautiful, special young woman who definitely made my trip to [New Zealand] that much more fun!

Really enjoyed all aspects, conversation, music & dancing, passionate kisses, and bedroom fun. Definitely glad you recommended her!!! 2017 has been a glorious year of recharging and great adventures for me.

If I get back to Auckland, I’ll definitely think about your company again and get in touch.

Natasha was one of the best bosses I have ever had! I worked at [Dark Angels] for a year to make some extra cash and it was much more enjoyable then I could have imagined. I never felt pressured to accept a booking if I was tired or not feeling it for any reason. I felt totally safe and respect Natasha’s work ethic, empathy, and business skill. All of these factors and her high standards in girls are reflected through the client’s always booking again and again and again.

Wow! Thanks so much. [Angel] xxx was amazing in every way. 😊 I will definitely be looking to see her again. Glad she enjoyed it too – was above and beyond what I hoped. Thank you.

Your angels speak very highly of you – and I like using the services of someone who takes care of their people. Not only are your angels wonderful to spend time with but it sounds like you have created a great environment with a lot of respect. Congratulations to you Natasha!

Natasha is not only an amazing person to work with but she is a great friend as well. I know I can trust her with anything and not only will she lend a kind ear and give great advice but she will help you no matter what. She has a wicked sense of humour but is always very professional and I can’t say thank enough to her for the amazing opportunities she has given me.

Hi Natasha, I would love to say your service was great. [Angel] xxx was incredibly amazing. She had a beautiful smile, her service was hands down amazing. I had a wonderful time with her. She definitely is an angel from the heavens. She was absolutely great within the 1 hour I had with her. 🌹 I would most love to see her again when I next book. Thank you again for your service, and thank her for the amazing 1st time experience I’ve ever had in a long time. [I] cannot wait […until the…] next time I book.

Natasha, it was nothing short of enchanting. It was pure bliss. To see her again would be heaven. I will have to take yourselves up on that sometime! Seriously Natasha, [Angel xxx was mind blowing. Never have my expectations been blown so far away. You are heroes of our community. Thank you once again.

Hi Natasha. Angel xxx is a fantastic lady: stunning face and a very beautiful person. Incredible in bed and an amazing body. Better in person than her pics. Will see her again.

Thanks for that Natasha. And also thank you for the excellent client support you’ve provided – it’s honestly been the best I’ve ever experienced. Keep up the good work, it’s very impressive.

I am SO so grateful I have had the opportunity to work for Dark Angels and been blessed to work with such amazing and beautiful ladies such as yourself, Natasha and the rest of the gorgeous girls I’ve worked alongside. Thank you so much for all the amazing experiences and lessons I have had over this year including meeting some of the most loveliest men I have come across, I will definitely be missing a couple of them. 😉

Again thank you so very much, I hope we get to meet again in the future and I wish you the absolute best with everything!

When we did the photoshoot I saw for the first time that you take pride in marketing us, and have a particularly good eye for it!

As a creative myself, it’s fun to watch and work with someone who has a passion for Boudoir photography/video. I love the way you really understand the components that make a woman beautiful.

You have great taste and I’m sure it’s a huge part of the reason our marketing is so successful ❤️ (and also a huge reason I knew after the photoshoot I wanted to work with Dark Angels).

Hey Natasha, Thank you for everything and for being ever so responsive to every email, question or follow-up along the process. Impeccable turnaround and great customer service. You have been awesome.

Thank you for choosing Angel xxx and sticking by the choice! In the same breath, I don’t think her pics on your website do her any justice.

It was really amazing to see that Angel xxx exhibits a maturity level that’s way ahead than her age, something not necessarily natural for a Gen-Z person. A very responsible and articulate head over an equally awesome and beautiful body. Truly an “Angel”!

Working for Natasha has been one of the most empowering and confidence-boosting decisions I’ve ever made.

From photoshoots to bookings, my time with [Dark Angels] has been a complete and utter pleasure, and I don’t think it’s possible to have a boss who is more kind and compassionate. Natasha has always gone the extra mile to make sure that her girls are happy, safe and taken care of; she prioritises their needs above all else. I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done, not just as an employer but as a friend also.

It’s been an honour to work for [Dark Angels] and be a part of this family of incredible women! ❤️

[Angel] xxx is incredibly beautiful and sexy. I had a fantastic time. And definitely an older soul then her years would suggest.

Natasha, I honestly don’t know how you select the escorts who work with you so well. They have all been amazing ladies, and your ability to curate such an amazing group of women is most impressive!

Well, she’s amazing! Funny, stunning, intelligent. A beautiful person. Love her smile. I was just not expecting such a beauty. Caught me off guard, to be honest. I can’t wait to see her again.

Hello Natasha. I had a great evening with [Angel] xxx. She is very intuitive and we were able to chat freely before we switched gears and her sensual side emerged. She was intelligent, and a good listener. We had fun together and for the time we were together I really could have believed she was my girlfriend.

For me, working with Dark Angels is an undeniable privilege. The agency’s policy which is built on a kind, understanding and loyal attitude is what has always been making me happy. Absolute discretion and responsibility for girls at any given time is a strong feature of [Dark Angels]. I’m incredibly appreciative to have been working with you!

Unbelievable! Thanks for matching her to me. I am speechless to how perfect she is in every way. Smart, fun, stunning, playful, and a beautiful smile!

The service from yourself and Dark Angels was impeccable and really what set you apart from any other service. Your tone and your speed at which you replied to requests were excellent. And I must say it eased the whole experience.

You last bit of genius was recommending Angel xxx and getting me to book 3 hours of which I loved every second and past all too quickly.

Thank you so much again for the beautiful evening. And I hope to be in touch on my return to Auckland.

Having worked in the best of both worlds, doing both agency and independent sex work, I can safely say that Dark Angels is up there as being one of the best professional environments I’ve had in my escorting career. So much so that I ended up back with Dark Angels as soon as I returned from doing 2 years independent work overseas!

With Dark Angels I always felt well looked after in every respect – above all else they were always on top of their game when it came to screening clients, and for me as a provider that always meant meeting lovely clients, which might not always be the case with other agencies. Natasha does a great job of attracting a certain caliber of clientele and I’ve had the fortune of some incredible (and highly paid) experiences because of her.

Natasha, as well as being an astute business woman, is also very caring and compassionate. She was very nurturing of me when I had just started out in the industry and always looked out for me, especially when everything felt very new and scary.

That isn’t always the case with other escort agencies, and you often get situations where girls are pressured into doing things they don’t want to do, and their unique ambitions not being respected. The opposite is true of Dark Angels – Natasha has a way of giving you the opportunities for you to truly thrive in this industry but still valuing your individual needs at the same time.

Even though I’m back doing independent work in another country, I’ll always look back on my Dark Angels days with fondness and continue to feel like family. ❤️

Thanks Natasha. She was everything you promised and more. Truly delightful and a pleasure to meet and spend time with. Your service is extremely professional and I have no hesitation in using your services again. Many thanks.

Angel xxx was breathtaking, truly amazing, very beautiful inside and out. I have never met anyone else quite like her. She is a true jewel. Thank you so much.

Hey Natasha. Thank you for organising my time today with [Angel] xxx. I’m glad you recommended her and just wanted to say thank you. Could you also tell [Angel] xxx that I super enjoyed meeting her today. She was beyond delightful. In all honesty, I don’t know if she realises how much of an impact she made and how much it meant. Please tell her, thank you, for me.

Obviously, I truly LOVE working for you and I tell everyone how you are the best and most professional boss I’ve had in any job to date! [I] always say […that…] you run your business so well and you’re still such a lovely person. Never have a bad word to say about you. Thank you Tash! 😊

[Angel] xxx is charming, intelligent, playful, very much in the moment and best of all, authentic. Her powerful and soft, femininity, pure and unjaded from the harshness of life, is wondrously sensual to connect with and has an infinite capacity to eagerly receive. It was a sheer delight to spend the evening with her, we had so much fun together and I highly recommend her. Thank you [Angel] xxx. Stay beautiful.

Dark Angels and Natasha are the kindest people to work with and I am forever grateful to have found her! Natasha is caring and goes above and beyond to ensure the safety, comfort and wellbeing of the Angels. She checks in with me regularly and I get along with her very well. I am happy to say I have the benefit to work with a woman who I respect and is respectful of me!


When I first visited your website, I was pretty sure that “Angel” was just a marketing trick. Not any more. I cannot find a better word to describe xxx. She is an angel with earthly desires. 

As I was cuddling her and listening to her stories about history, dungeons and dragons, shopping, and icecream, I feel that both our bodies and souls connected. 

Tonight, I have been touched and enchanted by an angel. 

Thanks, Natasha. You have been so professional throughout and groomed your angel impeccably to my preference last time. You are doing an amazing job there. Really appreciate both you and Angel xxx for attention to even the smallest details. They do not go unnoticed!

Hello Natasha, I found Angel xxx to be not only extremely attractive, but discrete upon introduction, animated in conversation and obviously very intelligent. She was a pleasure to spend the evening with.

Hi Natasha, just a word to tell you that [Angel] xxx was superb. Lovely young lady a lot of talent and great personality. I really enjoyed her very much. Thank you for recommending her. I’m glad I waited for her.

Angel xxx was a delight and charming company. She was the perfect date for me. Eager to please and happy to chat about all manner of things. I’m very satisfied and will book her when I’m over in August but for the whole weekend this time. Your service overall is very good and I congratulate you on that. Angel xxx is a credit to you and I am still constantly thinking of her and can’t wait to see her again.

Similarly, I had the same thought last night, and I know I will have it tomorrow and Saturday thanks to you and the amazing women you have assembled. I seek out (and deeply respect) excellence in all its manifestations, and you have achieved that with [Dark Angels]. Thank you.

That said Angel xxx really stands out to me as the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever had the pleasure to be with. She is truly special. Wow! Thanks for recommending her to me back in November.

Thanks a lot for your service from beginning to end of my trip. All I want to say is that Dark Angels is definitely a highlight of my [New Zealand] trip. Not just the wonderful angels but also the agent. Many people, including myself, probably didn’t realize how important the agent is in the whole experience until they met an excellent one. Thank you, Natasha, for providing such professional and warm services, the two of which don’t usually mix together. But you did it, and pretty well.

Angel xxx was so incredibly wonderful and sweet I’m simply blown away. She’s an absolute darling, and I would LOVE to see her again the next time I’m in Auckland.

Honestly, Natasha, I do not see escorts on any kind of regular basis. At most maybe 2 or 3 times a year during my travels. But the quality of young ladies that you hire, both from a beauty perspective AND from a bright, sweet personality perspective, is so much higher than any other service I’ve ever used. You clearly run an excellent business. Color me impressed!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Angel xxx, a lovely young lady indeed. We had a great time together. She is clearly very intelligent and is a lot of fun to be around. I’d see her again for sure. Incredibly sexy.

Thanks you so much for coming through with my booking. Huge thanks to you and the [Dark Angels] team for making my fantasy a reality with so much ease. A huge thanks to the girls [Angel] xxx and [Angel] xxx! Both of them were intelligent and interesting as well as absolute demons in bedroom contrary to their angel titles!

Natasha runs [Dark Angels] so professionally and smoothly. She takes pride in her girls and really takes that extra step to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. I appreciate the high class feel of Dark Angels, it feels sophisticated, sexy and fun all in one. I definitely can not recommend it enough.

Thank you for always looking after me and the girls. You are a beautiful amazing person and I appreciate what you do for us. And you really do run your company so well!!!

Working with [Dark Angels] and Natasha for the previous few months has been an amazing experience.

Clients with [Dark Angels] are very lovely, respectful, and polite.

Natasha handles every situation and encounters very professionally and I’ve never been happier to work with anyone or for anyone as I am to work with her. She really respects the girls and expresses a very deep knowledge of the industry as a whole. Natasha not only takes into account the clients needs but also the needs of the girls, and everything feels very comfortable and natural. 😊

I have been looked after so incredibly well, I have nothing but kind words to say.

I had an incredible, unforgettable time with Angel xxx and I can’t thank you enough for your recommendation! Angel xxx is a truly delightful young lady with whom I clicked immediately and had an amazing time. I won’t be forgetting her impish grin anytime soon! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Angel xxx and your communication and help organising our time was brilliant. I will be back in New Zealand in the next year or so and I’ll definitely be getting in touch again when I get to Auckland.

Natasha, Angel xxx was unbelievably awesome! She was fun, professional, beautiful and has a wonderful charming personality! Very down to earth and well mannered. If she were being graded, she would get an A++.

Thank you for your spot on and honest assessment of her and you superb communication with me. Your agency and escort gets a 10 out of 10 in every category! 100% Satisfaction!!!

I worked for a few months for Dark Angel and it was a real pleasure. They made me feel confident and secure. I always had the choice, never felt any pressure and that was the most important thing for me. They really took care of my well-being. I had a delightful time with this agency and would highly recommend it.

WOW!!! Such revelations!!! It’s hard to know what to say!!! It makes me, even more than ever before, feel how lucky I’ve been to have met [Angel] xxx and to have experienced amazingly intense pleasurable feelings with her more than I could ever imagine.

As I’ve said “I don’t know why,” and if it’s mutual which I feel it is, “then how magical of a journey it’s been.” Why would anyone want it to change, except, if it’s possible, for it to be even more?

Thank you [Angel] xxx for all you are and have been. And thank you too, Natasha, for providing the avenue for this amazing “craziness”. I can’t wait until next we can get together.