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An Invitation to Join Our Family

Learn about our dedication to a supportive environment in this personal invitation.

Dear Prospective Escort,

I am Natasha, the owner and operator of Dark Angels Elite Escort Agency, a distinguished Auckland-based escort agency. I presume you have found this page in your search for an escort position in Auckland and are perhaps considering joining my agency. I am delighted to inform you that you have discovered the right place.

Embarking on a journey in escorting can be exhilarating for numerous reasons.

Firstly, this profession can be remarkably lucrative, particularly when working with Dark Angels, as I offer generous compensation. In fact, I am confident that my agency is among the highest paying agencies in New Zealand, if not the highest. I maintain this standard in order to attract and retain the most exceptional talent, and I hope you are one of those individuals.

Secondly, engaging in intimate experiences can be delightful. The clientele predominantly consists of sophisticated gentlemen who understand how to treat a lady with respect. Ensuring that my angels enjoy their experiences is of utmost importance to me, and I strive to arrange mutually pleasurable encounters.

Moreover, escorting has consistently contributed to a tremendous boost in self-confidence for my angels. Being desired and treated well by clients is an empowering feeling. While many of my angels initially joined the agency for the financial incentives, most have remained due to the genuine enjoyment they derive from the experience.

It is important to note that at Dark Angels, all encounters are scheduled through prior arrangement. This discreet and organized process ensures that your time and privacy are respected. Simply provide me with your availability, and I will accommodate your schedule. Most encounters take place at an upscale Auckland CBD incall location or in clients’ luxury hotels.

The privacy and security of my angels are paramount to me. My proven protocols offer effective protection, so you can be assured of your safety and discretion.

To begin the process of joining my agency, please complete the application form available on this page. Alternatively, you may email the requested information to [email protected]. If you have any questions, feel free to call or text me at 022 021 2304.

I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you and explore the potential of a mutually rewarding partnership.

Warm regards,


Beauty is not just skin deep, it's a state of mind. It's the light in your eyes, the kindness in your heart, and the confidence in your spirit.

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Explore heartfelt and inspiring testimonials from our angels, offering a glimpse into the supportive and empowering atmosphere we nurture at Dark Angels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on a new journey can be filled with questions and uncertainties. In this section, we address common concerns and inquiries from aspiring angels, providing the clarity you need to confidently take the first step towards joining our esteemed ranks.

Yes, prostitution is legal in New Zealand. The Prostitution Reform Act 2003 played a pivotal role in the decriminalisation of this profession. It is crucial to note that to engage in sex work, such as working as an escort in New Zealand, the law requires one to be at least 18 years of age. Moreover, either New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency status is a prerequisite.

The selection process is competitive, as our clients expect the highest standards. We’re looking for escorts who are:

  1. Genuinely beautiful and in good physical shape, exuding sexiness and beauty.
  2. Conscientious about their outward appearance and presentation, always looking their best.
  3. Sex-positive, sensual, and able to provide an amazing sexual experience.
  4. Intelligent, confident, well-rounded, personable, and possessing a great sense of humour, capable of providing companionship in various settings.
  5. Having little or no body art, as tattoos can be an issue for some clients. The impact of body art is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

No, the majority of our angels are newcomers to the industry. Lack of experience should not deter you, as we will provide a detailed explanation of the entire process before your first rendezvous.

Your income potential depends on various factors, such as your availability. Our agency is one of the highest-paying agencies in New Zealand, and we compensate our angels generously to attract and retain the best talent.

Yes. When we receive a booking request, we will provide you with the relevant information about the client. You can then decide if you feel comfortable meeting them. There is no pressure to accept any booking requests, and we can always reach out to another angel if needed.

There are no fixed shifts. You simply need to inform us of your availability, and we will work around it. Encounters are negotiated with both the client and the angel, ensuring a schedule that suits all parties involved.

Absolutely. Our agency is bound by the Privacy Act 2020, and we take additional measures to protect our angels’ privacy. We have various ways to address privacy concerns, such as not advertising certain angels on our website or offering their services only to verified overseas clients. If privacy concerns are holding you back, please contact us so we can explain how your privacy will be protected.

We will explain the legal requirements and what to expect during encounters. We will also likely accompany you during your first few rendezvous until you feel confident in the process. With our experience operating the agency since 2014, we are well-versed in the support new angels require.

We have security protocols in place to ensure the safety of all our angels. These protocols will be explained to you clearly, and you are expected to adhere to them. Our agency has an excellent track record of keeping our angels safe.

Once we agree that we’re a fit for each other, we will schedule a photo and video shoot for you. This typically involves ordering lingerie and booking a hotel for the shoot. The session may last around four hours, depending on the concepts we aim to capture.

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