Angel Elsa


Sexual Orientation
New Zealand European
177 cm (5’9.75″)
Dress Size
Hair Colour
Eye Colour


Angel Elsa takes slow steps with her long toned legs towards you, enticing your every desire with her sensual spirit. She stops in front of you, looking at your face with her soulful eyes. In that moment, you’re filled with a passionate longing that can only be assuaged by her touch.

You’ll first notice the way Elsa’s green eyes glancing tenderly at you as you move close to her. Your hand will instinctively reach out for the soft strands of her blonde hair that frames her angelic face. She’ll smile as it glides over your skin, sending chills down your arm. Then you’ll take in her delicate statuesque frame; your eyes will hover over her full, natural, and perky  C-cup breasts as she moves her body closer to yours. You’ll feel the warmth of Angel Elsa’s skin pressed against yours, and you’ll know the night has merely just begun.

With a gentle and demure personality, Elsa will ensure your play overflows with sensuality. She’ll take every measure needed for you to lose yourself in her body. As a regular yoga student, you’ll soon notice her flexibility and grace during your bedroom play. Elsa will caress your skin lightly while engaging you in a stimulating conversation, letting you enjoy every moment you spend in her presence. When you pull her close, she’ll push her toned curves against your body, helping you forget your troubles. In an instant, you’ll be transported to heaven.

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All rates are fixed and non-negotiable.

  1. 1 $750
  2. 2 $1,450
  3. 3 $2,150
  4. 4 $2,800
  5. 5 $3,450
  6. 6 $4,100
  7. 7 $4,750
  8. 8 $5,400
  9. 9 $5,950
  10. 10 $6,500
  11. 11 $6,750
  12. 12 $7,000


Experience the extraordinary with this angel’s perfect duo companions. Their captivating chemistry promises an unforgettable encounter, heightening pleasure and creating mesmerising moments.

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