Auckland Escort Jobs

Auckland Escort Jobs

We're Hiring Sophisticated Women

Dear Prospective Escort,

I’m Natasha, the owner and operator of Dark Angels Elite Escort Agency, a high-end Auckland escort agency.

I assume you’re on this web page because you are searching for an escort job in Auckland – and you’re maybe even considering joining my agency. Well, great news! You’re researching the right agency.

Escorting is an exciting venture in many ways.

Firstly, escorting can be very financially rewarding – especially with my agency as I compensate my escorts generously. As a matter of fact, I’m confident that my agency is one of the highest paying agencies in New Zealand, if not the highest. I do this in order to attract and retain the crème de la crème. Hopefully, you’re one of them.

Secondly, sex is fun. Our clients tend to be gentlemen who know how to treat a lady. And because it’s important to me that my escorts also have as good a time as possible, I do my best to organise mutually pleasurable encounters.

Lastly, escorting has turned out to be a huge boost in self-confidence for my escorts. It’s a great feeling to be desired and treated well by our clients. Although a number of my escorts joined my agency due to the financial incentives, most have stayed because they genuinely enjoy the experience.

It’s also important to note that Dark Angels is not a brothel. There are no premises to report to. Most bookings are located at the clients’ upscale Auckland CBD hotels.

All bookings are done strictly by appointment only. You’ll just need to let me know which days and times you’re available. I’ll work around your schedule.

I take the privacy and security of all my escorts very seriously. The protocols I have in place have proven to be very effective, so you should have little-to-no concern when it comes to your privacy and security.

So, what do you need to do to join my agency? The first step in the process is filling out our escort application form below. Or, if you prefer, you may opt to email all the requested information to [email protected]. Don’t hesitate to call or text me first if you have any questions. My number is 022 021 2304.

If all goes well, we’ll organise a coffee date so we can meet face-to-face and assess if we’re a fit for each other.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lots of love,



Frequently Asked Questions about Our Escort Jobs in Auckland

Is prostitution legal in New Zealand?

Yes. The Prostitution Reform Act 2003 decriminalised prostitution in New Zealand over a decade ago.

In order to work as an escort in New Zealand you have to be 18+ years old. You must also be New Zealand citizen or a Permanent Resident.

What are the general requirements to join Dark Angels?

While we are always looking for new additions, we cannot accept everyone who applies to join our agency. Our clients expect the very highest standards from our agency, and consequently the selection process remains competitive.

Generally, we're looking for escorts that are:

  1. Genuinely beautiful and in good physical shape. You must exude sexiness and beauty. If you turn heads walking down the street, then you would most likely fit in well with us.
  2. Conscientious in outward appearance and presentation. Simply, you always look your best. Proper dress and grooming habits are a priority for you.
  3. Sex positive and sensual. Our clients want an amazing sexual experience with you. We need to be able to rely on you to provide that experience.
  4. Intelligent, confident, well rounded, and personable with a great sense of humour. Our clients expect a truly engaging experience with our Angels. In addition to any time in the bedroom, you are expected to be capable of providing companionship in a multitude of settings.
  5. Little or no body art. Though some clients might not mind, tattoos can be an issue for many others, particularly those that are from overseas who do not appreciate the tattoo culture in New Zealand. How problematic a tattoo might be is determined on a case by case basis.
Is prior experience necessary?

No. The vast majority of our escorts are newcomers to the industry. Don't let a lack of experience deter you, though. There is nothing to worry about. A detailed explanation of the entire process will be provided before your first booking.

How much can I make?

It depends on a number of individual factors and it is nearly impossible to predict this. However, our agency is one of the highest paying agencies in New Zealand, if not the highest. We compensate our escorts generously in order to attract and keep the best talent.

How does the booking process work?

Our agency primarily deal with international clients who are staying in upscale hotels. Clients contact us and requests for a particular escort, after which that particular escort will go to them. Everything is done by prior arrangement and we work around both the client and escort's availability.

How much will I have to work?

Providing services is always entirely at the discretion of the escort. You are free to work at every opportunity, or to be selective if you so desire.

Can I work as an escort full time?

Yes, you can – but we don’t recommend it.

Our escorts are either university students or career professionals. They attend to these obligations first and foremost. When they have some free time, that's when they'll see clients for a bit of excitement and generous pay.

Will my privacy be protected?

Yes. We take privacy very seriously. Our agency is in compliance with the Privacy Act 1993, but only use the act as a minimum standard. We employ other means to protect our escorts' privacy.

A common concern of our escorts is that they might be recognised by their friends and family when we start marketing their services. We have various ways to address that concern, such as not advertising them on our website or only offering their services to verified overseas clients.

If privacy concerns are preventing you from entering this industry, please contact us so we can fully explain how your privacy will be protected.

Escort Application Form

This Is Your First Step to Joining Us

To apply, please fill out the form below. Your application with Dark Angels will be kept strictly confidential.

If you prefer, you can apply via email [email protected] by providing us with all the information requested in the form below. If you have any questions, please call or text 022 021 2304.

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Compliments from Our Very Satisfied Clients

The following are genuine testimonials from our clients. When an escort's name is mentioned in the testimonial, we redact it with xxx for privacy reasons. Some edits have been made to these testimonials to correct typos and minor grammatical errors.

  • Mr. M
    Angel xxx was so incredibly wonderful and sweet I’m simply blown away.  She’s an absolute darling, and I would LOVE to see her again the next time I’m in Auckland.
    Honestly, Natasha, I do not see escorts on any kind of regular most maybe 2 or 3 times a year during my travels.  But the quality of young ladies that you hire, both from a beauty perspective AND from a bright, sweet personality perspective, is so much higher than any other service I’ve ever used.  You clearly run an excellent business.  Color me impressed!
    Mr. M
  • Mr. J

    Thanks a lot for your service from beginning to end of my trip. All I want to say is that Dark Angels is definitely a highlight of my NZ trip. Not just the wonderful angels but also the agent. Many people, including myself, probably didn't realize how important the agent is in the whole experience until they met an excellent one. Thank you, Natasha, for providing such professional and warm services, the two of which don't usually mix together. But you did it, and pretty well.

    Mr. J
  • Mr. M

    The service from yourself and Dark Angels was impeccable and really what set you apart from any other service. Your tone and your speed at which you replied to requests were excellent. And I must say it eased the whole experience.

    You last bit of genius was recommending Angel xxx and getting me to book 3 hours of which I loved every second and past all too quickly.

    Thank you so much again for the beautiful evening. And I hope to be in touch on my return to Auckland.

    Mr. M
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Mr. T

    Thanks for that Natasha. And also thank you for the excellent client support you've provided - it's honestly been the best I've ever experienced. Keep up the good work, it's very impressive.

    Mr. T
    Sydney, Australia
  • Mr. T

    Hey Natasha, Thank you for everything and for being ever so responsive to every email, question or follow-up along the process. Impeccable turnaround and great customer service. You have been awesome.

    Thank you for choosing Angel xxx and sticking by the choice! In the same breath, I don't think her pics on your website do her any justice.

    It was really amazing to see that Angel xxx exhibits a maturity level that’s way ahead than her age, something not necessarily natural for a Gen-Z person. A very responsible and articulate head over an equally awesome and beautiful body. Truly an "Angel"!

    Mr. T
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • Mr. D
    Thanks, Natasha. You have been so professional throughout and groomed your angel impeccably to my preference last time. You are doing an amazing job there. Really appreciate both you and Angel xxx for attention to even the smallest details. They do not go unnoticed!
    Mr. D
    New Zealand
  • Mr. M
    Your Angels speak very highly of you - and I like using the services of someone who takes care of their people. Not only are your Angels wonderful to spend time with but it sounds like you have created a great environment with a lot of respect. Congratulations to you Natasha!
    Mr. M
    New Zealand
  • Mr. T

    Angel xxx an amazing, beautiful, special young woman who definitely made my trip to NZ that much more fun!

    Really enjoyed all aspects, conversation, music & dancing, passionate kisses, & bedroom fun. Definitely glad you recommended her!!! 2017 has been a glorious year of recharging & great adventures for me.

    If I get back to Auckland, I’ll definitely think about your company again & get in touch.

    Mr. T
    Texas, USA
  • Mr. M
    I had an incredible, unforgettable time with Angel xxx and I can't thank you enough for your recommendation! Angel xxx is a truly delightful young lady with whom I clicked immediately and had an amazing time. I won't be forgetting her impish grin anytime soon! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Angel xxx and your communication and help organising our time was brilliant. I will be back in New Zealand in the next year or so and I'll definitely be getting in touch again when I get to Auckland.
    Mr. M
    United Kingdom
  • Mr. G

    Angel xxx was a delight and charming company. She was the perfect date for me. Eager to please and happy to chat about all manner of things. I'm very satisfied and will book her when I'm over in August but for the whole weekend this time. Your service overall is very good and I congratulate you on that. Angel xxx is a credit to you and I am still constantly thinking of her and can't wait to see her again.

    Mr. G
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Mr. K
    Natasha, Angel xxx was unbelievably awesome! She was fun, professional, beautiful and has a wonderful charming personality! Very down to earth and well mannered. If she were being graded, she would get an A++. Thank you for your spot on and honest assessment of her and you superb communication with me. Your agency and escort gets a 10 out of 10 in every category!?? ?Satisfaction!!!
    Mr. K
  • Mr. H
    Angel xxx was breathtaking, truly amazing, very beautiful inside and out. I have never met anyone else quite like her. She is a true jewel. Thank you so much
    Mr. H
  • Mr. J
    I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Angelxxx, a lovely young lady indeed. We had a great time together. She is clearly very intelligent and is a lot of fun to be around. I'd see her again for sure. Incredibly sexy.
    Mr. J
  • Mr. S
    Hello Nat. I found Angel xxx to be not only extremely attractive, but discrete upon introduction, animated in conversation and obviously very intelligent. She was a pleasure to spend the evening with.
    Mr. S
  • Mr. C
    Hi Natasha. Angel xxx is a fantastic lady - stunning face and a very beautiful person. Incredible in bed and an amazing body. Better in person than her pics. Will see her again next month. Have a nice Sunday.
    Mr. C
    New Zealand
  • Mr. A
    Unbelievable! ... Thanks for matching her to me. I am speechless to how perfect she is in every way. Smart, fun, stunning, playful...and a beautiful smile!
    Mr. A
  • Mr. M
    Hey Natasha. Thank you for organising my time today with xxx. I'm glad you recommended her and just wanted to say thank you. Could you also tell xxx that I super enjoyed meeting her today. She was beyond delightful... in all honesty, I don't know if she realises how much of an impact she made and how much it meant. Please tell her, thank you, for me.
    Mr. M
    New Zealand
  • Mr. A
    Hi Natasha, just a word to tell you that xxx was superb. Lovely young lady a lot of talent and great personality. I really enjoyed her very much. Thank you for recommending her. I'm glad I waited for her.
    Mr. A
  • Mr. C
    Hi Natasha😊, I would love to say your service was great. xxx was incredibly amazing. She had a beautiful smile, her service was hands down amazing. I had a wonderful time with her. She definitely is an Angel from the heavens. She was absolutely great within the 1 hour I had with her⚘. I would most love to see her again when I next book. Thank you again for your service, and Thank her for the amazing 1st time experience iv ever had in a long time. Cannot wait til next time I book😉. Kind regards, C... xx
    Mr. C
    New Zealand