Angel Kristen


Sexual OrientationStraight
EthnicityNew Zealand European
Height174 cm | 5'8''
Dress Size8
Bust32 B
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourBrown
Tattoos1 Small


The elegance of Angel Kristen knows no bounds. Her sophisticated spirit inspires all who she meets, but her eyes are set on you. The instant you see her approach you from across the room, you’re filled with intrigue. The way she walks, the way she smiles reminds you of old Hollywood glamour, and you want to know her more.

With sweeping movements, Kristen saunters over to you, swaying her defined hips. You follow the line of her delicious body to her bewitching face. Her piercing green eyes stare back at you. As you imagine your hand in her silky dark brown hair, she smiles at you, sending a wave of heat over your body. Angel Kristen puts her hand on your chest, pushing her natural C-cup breasts against you. You notice her firm form when you grip her waist as she removes the remaining space between you.

Kristen’s engaging nature makes for a playful time in the bedroom. As a veteran gymnast and active gym-goer, Angel Kristen’s flexibility and stamina will make itself known almost immediately. The touch of her soft skin will thrill you while her genuine smile instills an animalistic confidence in you. Kristen’s hands move across your body, bringing you to the edge of pleasure. Then, as you feel her lush assets beneath your palms and fingertips, she’ll let out a soft moan, and send you into a paradise of ecstasy.

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