Angel Eden


Sexual OrientationBisexual
EthnicityNew Zealand European
Height170 cm | 5'7''
Dress Size9
Bust34 C
Eye ColourHazel
Hair ColourBrown
TattoosA few small ones


Angel Eden sits next to you at the bar, gently touching your shoulder as she takes her seat. Your eyes meet. Your heartbeat quickens at the sight of her as you take in Eden’s pretty face. She smiles, sending goosebumps across your skin.

You notice the way Angel Eden tucks her luscious brown hair behind her ear. Her nimble fingers move from the silky strands to your forearm. As Eden smiles you imagine the way her plump lips would feel against yours. She shifts in her seat, leading your eyes to her curves. You hover over her natural C-cup breasts. She takes a deep breath in, letting you watch them swell. You look back up to her sultry hazel eyes, picturing yourself and Angel Eden intertwined in pure ecstasy.

Eden’s bubbly personality translates into her play. When you’re alone, she’ll mischievously press herself against you and smile, urging you to take her in your arms. When you hold her and feel her warm skin, you’ll soon notice Angel Eden’s maturity. Her demeanor and intellect will keep you excited while Eden lightly traces her fingers over your chest. You grab her by the waist, causing her to let out a gasp of pleasure. With each of her noises of enjoyment, you’ll be transported to paradise.

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Angel Eden


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